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Márton GergelyWebGurus

Web application development

Our team has expertise in designing web applications of various size and complexity. We also provide design services related to these web applications.

Expertise in:

Web development, Web applications, e-commerce, Databases, Web services, Content management systems, HTML 5, CSS 3, Social networking.

Programming languages, technologies, frameworks used for web applications:

PHP, HTML5, CSS3, 960 Grid system, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap,  XML, JSON, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Social networks.

We also create responsive templates for our web applications, which adapt to the visitor’s device.

Content management:

Custom CMS solutions, WordPress.


MySQL, MariaDB, Sql Server, Oracle, SQLite

Web servers, platforms:

Apache, NGINX, IIS, Widows, Linux, Windows Azure

Web design

Next to programming, we are also offering our services in web design, creating graphical layouts and presentation for the underlying logic.