Response 301 – Moved Permanently

As the expression above shows, our company has moved on to another level, we also have moved to a new office.

Once in a while, in every evolving company’s life comes a moment, when the things we’ve been used to, no longer fit our current needs. These can be workflows, office time, or even the office building itself. When this comes, we need to adapt if we want to keep our productivity, and our ability to grow further. 

Our previous office area was in a flat and, although we could breathe easily, recently, moving around started to be difficult, so that began to hinder our growth, thus we had to look for a new place as quickly as we could, preferably before the end of the year.

If you think it’s weird working at a tiny place, remember where today’s big companies started their work, you’d be surprised: in a garage. Just to give you some examples: (Apple, Google, Amazon …)

This was our old office:

Skip forward in time: the day to move finally arrived. This was an opportunity for a team building. After we arrived we carried the furniture up piece by piece, which was more difficult than we expected. Things also didn’t assemble themselves, so before we started to assemble the tables, we had a delicious breakfast.

Take a look at how professionals are working:

After half a day the new office was ready for work. As we have a new office now, we have new goals as well.

A few days later, we were trying to make our office more friendly, we added some new stuff which made our office more unique than our previous location.
This is how it happened:

Although we have physically moved, some things will stay where they were before and these are our social sites: Instagram, Facebook