Getting into the Christmas spirit

We love Christmas crafts, and we also love to make our colleagues smile!

Christmas is here soon, and the town has already been covered up by lights and Christmas decorations. As the ladies of our company thought we should get our office into the festive spirit. Two days before Saint Nicholas Day we stayed at the office and started creating some very “christmatish” decor items.

Thanks to Christmas songs playlists,  some biscuits and hot chocolate we also got into the holiday mood!

We hadn’t finished decorating on the first day, so we also spent our afternoon at the office on the next day, but this time instead of hot chocolate we had some beer 🙂

   …then Guess what happened?

Santa Claus hadn’t thought that we were still in the middle of cutting, gluing and so on. He came into the house and put the presents on everyone’s desk as we could see them after he left. Sadly we hadn’t seen him, maybe next year!

The most creative and funny decor idea this year at our office definitely goes to the elf faces. As I know everyone was smiling on it (I hope they were). 

There are only a few days of this year, we wish you to get into the holiday mood, with or without decorations and spend your time in peace with your families!